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18 September 2019

Strategic SmartHort Centre Workshops with Volmary

25 April 2019

What to expect from our new Strategic SmartHort Centres

16 April 2019

Two-part SmartHort labour efficiency webinar series focusing on recruitment and building effective relationships with labour providers

16 April 2019

SmartHort conference isn't over yet. Discover and find out what steps you can take to introduce robotics and automation into your business. We have specialists from University of Essex, Innovate UK, KTN, G's and Tiptree Grower Andrey who provide us with an invaluable insight into their line of work.

8 March 2019

We are offering three growers an exclusive chance to try out the latest labour maximising techniques.

29 January 2019

Labour efficiency workshops as part of the SmartHort campaign aiming to influence, inspire and improve the performance of your horticultural business

19 December 2018

Three areas to improve labour management for increased productivity

18 December 2018

What are the principles of lean and how could it benefit horticulture?

21 December 2018

Can introducing Champions to your business make an impact on productivity?