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18 October 2022

Maximum levels for ergot alkaloids in cereals: implications for the UK supply chain

28 April 2021

How a triangle relates to sclerotinia control in oilseed rape.

29 March 2021

Read about the various control measures to reduce the risk from ergot in cereal crops.

29 March 2019

These alerts can help guide the application of protectant fungicides to oilseed rape.

14 March 2019

Ergot mycotoxins can move before and after harvest.

6 March 2023

Sclerotinia in oilseed rape is caused by a fungal pathogen. Discover the main factors that influence disease risk and the management options.

26 April 2023

As ergot-contaminated grain poses a risk human and animal health, the pathogen needs to be managed throughout the supply chain.