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27 September 2021

Case study describing the return on investment and further benefits of air scrubber technology.

11 October 2021

Find out how air scrubbers can reduce ammonia emissions, improve the climate of the pig building and recover energy to reduce carbon emissions and save money.

30 September 2021

Innovative technology to support the sheep sector

24 November 2021

New technology and data analytics for calf health

24 November 2020

Seed and ware preparing to change: an online conference for the British potato industry

3 July 2020

Make tech work for you by linking it to the life and agronomy cycle of the potato season

16 October 2019

Part of Agri-Tech week, looking at effective use of irrigation and best practice for soil and water management

11 July 2019

Automation, robotics and precision growing - take a look at some of the trends from this year's GreenTech show

18 April 2019

SmartHort heading to GreenTech Amsterdam

26 March 2019

Workforce, the single biggest challenge for global horticulture

13 March 2019

Technological transformation requires the industry to come together

18 December 2018

Leading developers and influencers in agri-tech are being invited to exhibit at SmartHort 2019, a new conference designed to connect innovators with the horticultural industry.