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6 January 2021

Webinar dedicated to sharing and discussing the latest trial results and research in the growing of spring oats

17 June 2020

Our RL app provides a powerful and pint-sized way to deliver variety data to your fingertips.

3 April 2020

Join Bastiaan Brak as he outlines how to use the Recommended List variety selection tool

19 January 2021

Our RL app provides a powerful and pint-sized way to deliver variety data to your fingertips.

23 February 2021

An overview of recommended varieties of cereals and oilseeds

9 February 2021

Access historic harvest results from the AHDB Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds (RL) trials from this archive

5 December 2019

A morning session dedicated to the latest research and thoughts in the growing of oats.

5 December 2019

The RL 2020/21 sees the addition of 28 and the removal of 25 varieties

27 July 2020

The variety survey provides detail of the varieties which have been planted for harvest, as this can give an early indication of the quality of the crop that is available. Each year survey forms are sent to approximately 7000 farmers with a typical response rate of 40%-50%. Farmers are asked provide details of varieties planted for a selection of crops. The survey results are released in July each year.

21 January 2021

The Corn Returns are the longest running domestic price series for grains. The weekly survey shows the average ex-farm prices for wheat, barley and oats as well as the volume of grain traded. Each week on a Monday, data is published for the purchases made during the previous week (Friday to Thursday) and, under the AHDB Order (2008), it is mandatory for buyers of more than 1,000 tonnes of UK grown cereals a year to provide information.

24 August 2020

The weekly international grain price survey helps identify how global markets are reacting to market drivers. Moves in these markets can impact upon global market sentiment and therefore upon the UK market. The information is collected from a selection of industry sources and show the price of grains and oilseeds for export. The prices are mainly quoted as "Free on Board" which means they show the cost of grain and loading, though a few of the prices indicated include insurance and freight. The latest weekly information is published on a Monday.

27 August 2020