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18 August 2021

Quickly understand how well your farm is performing, find areas for improvement and identify potential solutions.

28 May 2021

See how your KPIs score against industry targets and compare them with other farms. Plus, find resources and case studies to help make improvements.

22 June 2021

How Jim Kirk has lifted pregnancy rate across his year round calving herd from 20% to an impressive 25%.

11 May 2021

How strategic dairy farmer David Cotton achieves an impressive herd replacement rate of 19%

22 June 2021

Grazing quality grass, making better silage and a return to a simpler feeding system has helped push milk from forage to 5,000 litres for 380 Holstein Friesians in Leicestershire.

19 October 2020

Helping you quickly review your performance figures against a range of measures critical for productivity and profitability

15 May 2019

Complete our short survey to help us better understand KPIs for grassland and forage management

13 May 2019

The genetic traits dairy farmers should focus on to increase daily lifetime yields for fat and protein.

2 April 2019

A brand new number one genomic sire and two UK-bred half-brothers in the top 10 are the highlights of our new £PLI ranking

12 November 2018

Cow comfort is top priority at Carpenters Farm near Chippenham in Wiltshire, which has been recruited as our latest strategic dairy farm

22 June 2021

A set of measures and targets to compare your performance and identify areas for improvement.

22 June 2021

Benchmark your performance and identify areas for improvement