New dairy tool for speedy comparisons

Thursday, 17 September 2020

A new tool has been launched to help dairy farmers quickly review their performance figures against a range of measures critical for productivity and profitability.

Our web based KPI Express tool speeds up the comparison of data against one to nine key performance indicators (KPIs) with figures from other farms.

Set up only takes a few minutes and requires a few, readily available figures to see how you perform against the top 5%, 25% and average farms to easily identify areas for improvement.

The tool provides links to relevant resources and case studies with guidance and suggestions to address any development areas.

Get started with the KPI Express tool

First launched in 2017 as part of our Optimal Dairy Systems programme, the KPIs are tailored to all-year-round and block calving systems and consist of six technical and three financial measures.

Prior to this, there were over 70 performance metrics being used on farms. Along with representatives from across the industry, we refined these to the nine key areas everyone should focus on.

KPI benchmarks are published on our website so the KPI Express tool provides an additional user-friendly way to calculate your figures and start your benchmarking journey.

Our strategic dairy farms openly share their KPIs so you can see who performs well for the area you want to improve. You can attend regular meetings/ webinars or read about them on our website to understand and learn from their approach.

You can also share your figures with your wider farm team of consultants, feed advisors and others. And if you wish, you can complete all KPIs or work towards full business benchmarking with Farmbench.