Farm Excellence: Dairy

Our network of strategic dairy farms share good practice through on-farm and virtual events, giving you access to industry experts and the latest research.

Strategic farms follow either an all-year-round or block calving system so you can see relevant real world demonstrations and get ideas to make improvements on your farm.

The farm are solid performers who openly and honestly share their experiences and performance figures at on-farm and virtual meetings.

You’ll hear about a range of topics from mastitis and managing calves to breeding and buildings. We’re confident you’ll find something of interest.

We’re aiming to have 26 strategic farms across Great Britain funded by AHDB, Welsh Government and Volac’s charitable foundation.

The farms form part of our Farm Excellence platform, a network of inspirational farmers who open their doors to help you learn, share and create new ideas to drive innovation and productivity.

Strategic dairy farms: ten reasons to get involved

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Browse upcoming strategic dairy farms, catch up on previous meetings and explore the network.

Catch up on previous meetings

Updates from past strategic farms meetings and webinars, covering a variety of technial and business related topics. Explore individual farms to see their previous events.

Strategic dairy farm news

Meet the Knowledge Exchange team


Nic Parsons

Head of Dairy Development

Karen O'Callaghan Lowe

Head of Dairy Knowledge Exchange

North East & North West

Hannah Lilburn

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

James Hague

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

East & West Midlands & East Anglia

Stephen West

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Emily Collins

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Shirley Macmillan

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

South East & South West

Becky Miles

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Kate Harris

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Sarah Hurford

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Farm Business

Bryan Nicholson

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy


Delyth Lewis-Jones

Head of Dairy Development Wales - Pennaeth Datblygu Llaeth Cymru

Teaghan Tayler

Knowledge Exchange Senior Manager Wales Uwch Rheolwr Cyfnewid Gwybodaeth Cymru

Jamie McCoy

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy


Doreen Anderson

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy