Optimal Dairy Systems

1 February 2021

William Baillie is joined by Carrs Billington to explore the key considerations of achieving more profit by focusing on feed costs for all-year-round calving herds

1 February 2021

Join Mathew Jackson and his close business partners as they explore the benefits of share farming

10 February 2021

Arthur Owen is joined by consultant Dave Davies of Sileage Solutions for a detailed looked at maximising grass sileage quality

20 January 2021

Willie Baillie is joined by feed expert Jimmy Goldie of Carrs Billington to discuss profit drivers throughout all stages of the dairy herd

10 December 2020

Statfold Farm is our latest all-year-round strategic dairy farm based in Staffordshire run by Andrew Gilman

18 December 2020

David Cotton and breeding expert Keith Gue outline their recent focus on improving fertility through closely managing herd genetics and bull selection

15 March 2021

James and Wallace Hendrie share their story and ambitions for the future as they launch as our second strategic dairy farm in Scotland

27 February 2024

Helping you quickly review your performance figures against a range of measures critical for productivity and profitability

9 September 2020

Strategic Dairy Farm: Join Dr. Robert Hyde to explore how improving calf welfare can drive performance and profit

10 July 2020

Strategic Dairy Farm: Mastitis expert Dr James Breen joins Hillhead of Covington's Willie Baillie for a review of their last nine months activities

17 June 2020

Strategic dairy farm event with Arthur Owen and NMR

4 June 2020

Learn all about Dan Burdett's organic autumn block calving herd