Optimal Dairy Systems

19 October 2020

Helping you quickly review your performance figures against a range of measures critical for productivity and profitability

9 September 2020

Strategic Dairy Farm: Join Dr. Robert Hyde to explore how improving calf welfare can drive performance and profit

10 July 2020

Strategic Dairy Farm: Mastitis expert Dr James Breen joins Hillhead of Covington's Willie Baillie for a review of their last nine months activities

28 July 2020

Join George Wade for the launch of our new autumn block calving strategic dairy farm in Leicestershire

17 June 2020

Strategic dairy farm event with Arthur Owen and NMR

4 June 2020

Learn all about Dan Burdett's organic autumn block calving herd

14 April 2020

Full economic costings of GB dairy herds for three different calving systems: all-year-round, autumn block and spring block.

2 June 2020

The impact on your milk contract, cash flow and labour

21 October 2020

The key review areas for the performance on your farm

5 February 2020

Join us on stand or book one our specialist seminars at this years Dairy Tech 2020

19 September 2019

Prevention rather than cure should always be the focus of any mastitis management plan, something that will be the focus of the next meeting of AHDB’s Scottish strategic dairy farm on 10 October.

25 November 2020

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