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17 June 2019

The pros and cons associated with the decision to incorporate or sell straw are outlined in an updated AHDB publication.

5 June 2019

Our analysts look at the latest farm expenses figures, such as feed, fertiliser and fuel

25 June 2019

Our Harvest Toolkit includes a wealth of information on market prices, harvest results, straw, good sampling practice, grain storage and grain marketing

17 October 2018

Bedding has a significant bearing on animal health and welfare. The bedding materials directory provides a summary of the different materials that can be used in cattle and sheep housing.

19 September 2018

Alternatives to straw for field storage of carrots are becoming increasingly attractive due to variability in both cost and availability of straw supplies. In addition agronomic issues such as nutrient lock-up from incorporated straw and potential for introduction of weed seeds are of concern.

11 October 2019

Targeted at managers of arable-based systems who are thinking about livestock opportunities for the first time, this guide includes sections on leys, cover crops, forage crops, maize, outdoor pig production and manures.

22 August 2018

AHDB has released a checklist to give farmers practical advice on how to manage if affected by a lack of straw this winter.

17 August 2018

Despite additional hectares of straw being made available by cereal growers, there is still likely to be a shortage due to lower yields and an increased requirement for feeding. This factsheet explains the importance of assessing your straw needs and planning for any deficit.

13 August 2018

The lower critical temperature for neonatal piglets is approximately 34ºC. On an outdoor unit it's more difficult to achieve precise temperature control. The provision of substrates such as straw, to build a nest and provide insulation and warmth are therefore important considerations

26 November 2018

Poor feed and straw quality can present a risk to the physical performance of breeding and finishing herds. Reducing the risk of Mycotoxins in straw is key. There is much research on mycotoxins and their effect on animal health however, little is known about their chronic effects at low levels.

13 August 2018

Strawing up farrowing arcs correctly can help combat piglet mortality in outdoor systems by reducing heat loss

17 June 2019

Here are the pros and cons associated with the decision to either incorporate or sell straw.