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30 June 2021

A combination of cultural and fungicide control measures will provide the best strategy for managing powdery mildews on poinsettia crops.

30 June 2021

Learn more about the pathogens responsible for the various powdery mildews of poinsettia, disease symptoms and optimal conditions for infection to occur.

30 June 2021

Follow the advice in these pages to achieve effective control of powdery mildew diseases on poinsettia crops.

19 March 2021

The UK Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey (UKCPVS) continues to detect pathogen isolates associated with unique crop disease patterns.

16 September 2020

Powdery mildews are some of the most common, widespread and easily recognised diseases of hardy nursery stock and herbaceous perennial species. This factsheet provides guidance on how to minimise losses by avoiding environmental conditions favourable for disease development and by applying appropriate fungicide treatments.

4 March 2020

The new additions bring further disease resistance-unpicking power to the highly diverse cereal pathogen population.

5 May 2021

Our guidance covers major and minor diseases that affect wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale.

17 September 2021

The visual appearance of powdery mildew usually outweighs its damage potential.

13 June 2019

Fungicide inputs for strawberries reduced by half compared to standard treatments

17 November 2020

Learn about the fungicide resistance status of cereal diseases and how resistance can be managed

17 January 2020

Reducing sprays for strawberry powdery mildew, encouraging pollinators and sustainable control for pear sucker

9 January 2019

The 2019 UK Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey (UKCPVS) stakeholder event will feature updates on cereal pathology and plant breeding