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12 March 2024

We take a look at the relationship between the milk price and the costs of key inputs, fertiliser and feed

20 February 2024

UK prices follow global price rises in response to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

30 January 2024

Dry weather in South America, and the political situation in Russia and Ukraine, are both pushing up feed ingredient prices.

25 March 2022

Join us to hear how our research can be put into practice on your farm

30 January 2024

It was a volatile month for feed ingredient prices, with omicron uncertainty weighing on prices but dry weather in South America bringing lift.

30 January 2024

A tight supply and demand picture continues to support UK feed grain and protein prices

30 January 2024

November report on feed ingredients markets

30 January 2024

With risks remaining around high feed prices, it’s worth assessing how exposed margins are to feed

3 May 2023

Managing feed conversion is a complex process involving many factors. Learn about each factor in more detail and how to implement effective practical solutions.

7 April 2021

Measuring rainfall not only tracks long-term weather patterns but is another tool to help budget feed and grass growth. Although historical data can be used with current weather predictions to make better grazing decisions and more realistic feed forecasts, says Gloucester dairy farmer, Keith Davis.

9 March 2021

Find out more about growing and feeding maize to cattle and sheep.

9 March 2021

Find out more about growing and feeding winter rye to cattle and sheep.