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4 April 2024

SFI stacking options and the latest information on anthelmintics and the control and management of liver fluke.

28 June 2021

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb, Lesley Stubbings, independent sheep consultant and Philip Skuce, principal scientist at Moredun, for a webinar on liver fluke surveillance and control.

28 June 2021

Guest speaker Diana Williams, Professor at Liverpool University. discusses liver fluke.

28 June 2021

Learn more about liver fluke and how to fight it in this video.

7 October 2020

Liver fluke manifests itself differently in cattle and in sheep but causes poor performance and health concerns on both accounts

20 April 2020

Liver fluke is a parasite that effects the health and welfare of livestock, specifically cattle and sheep. This research investigates whether liver fluke in silage pose a risk to livestock

14 January 2022

Defining the genetic diversity of free living and intra-molluscan stages of fasciola hepatica

19 January 2022

Rumen fluke in cattle and sheep

18 January 2022

Improving control of liver fluke in cattle

30 September 2019

Looking at the impact of liver fluke in cattle and sheep