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24 November 2021

Information on helminth infections in dairy cattle

28 June 2021

Join Andy Forbes, independent consultant in ruminant parasitology, honorary Professor at Glasgow University and member of COWS to learn more about the options for parasite control at housing time.

28 June 2021

A webinar on the common gut and lung parasites of cattle and their control.

27 February 2024

Assessing and reducing pasture risk is a key element of a successful worm management plan.

27 February 2024

Guide to the key elements of a successful worm control plan.

27 February 2024

A quick guide to effective worm control in cattle.

6 July 2021

Discover how an integrated approach to parasite management can reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for wormers in cattle and sheep

14 January 2022

control of worms sustainably

22 February 2023

The way for sheep producers to maximise returns is to produce and sell the type of sheep buyers really want and are willing to pay for. This manual covers the key issues producers face when marketing prime lambs, from identifying target markets to selecting lambs to market