New approaches to parasite control to improve livestock and soil health

Webinar recording

Join our panel to hear how an integrated approach to parasite management can improve livestock and soil health. By looking at muck testing and alternative grazing techniques you can reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for wormers to control lungworm, gut worms and fluke.

Farm Animal Vet, Robert Howe will discuss how diagnostics, grassland management and dung beetles are all components to a sustainable parasite plan. As part of his Nuffield Scholarship, Robert will be exploring and defining the role of farm vets within regenerative agriculture.

We will hear from Bruce Thompson, a commercial dairy farmer, who uses a traffic light system to graze youngstock in a controlled way and to reduce the impact anthelmintics have on dung beetles on his farm. Bruce was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to investigate mitigating actions for anthelmintic resistance.

Richard Thomas, who runs 350 Romney cross Aberfield ewes and 50 pedigree Hereford cattle, will discuss how he has shifted to more regenerative farming practices. Grazing higher covers with long rest periods and introducing cattle to the rotation has reduced the worm burden, alongside doing faecal egg counts to ensure the use of anthelmintics is targeted.

Our panel will discuss:

  • Monitoring and assessing the risk of parasites
  • Minimising over-exposure to gut worms
  • Alternative grazing techniques for cattle and sheep
  • The vital role of dung beetles


The webinar will last approximately 35 minutes, with time for questions at the end.

If you can’t make the webinar, please still register, as it will be recorded and sent to you afterwards to watch in your own time.



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