23 July 2019

A guide to essential facts and figures from the cattle industry in the previous 12 months, including livestock numbers, slaughterings, production, consumption, meat prices, imports and exports, abattoirs, auction markets and carcase classification (published July 2019)

19 July 2019

When assessing the effect of a No Deal Brexit on UK beef and sheepmeat trade, the change in tariffs and TRQs need to be a key consideration.

22 July 2019

New report reveals the full extent of Brexit’s potential implications for British beef and lamb supply chains

19 July 2019

Output from the UK beef and sheep livestock sector exceeds £5 billion equating to 20% of gross output. The UK imports and exports large volumes of both beef and lamb with trade taking place in both directions as a result of seasonal variations, states of product and carcase balancing activities.

18 July 2019

Millions more people across Great Britain are being exposed to positive messaging on meat as a result of a joint project from the levy bodies in England, Scotland and Wales, now entering its second year.

18 July 2019

You cannot manage what you do not measure!

18 July 2019

Reseeding is an important part of grassland management on any farm and is essential for maintaining productive grassland.

19 July 2019

The GB R4L steer price has fallen by 44p since September, the biggest drop since 2014. What factors might have influenced this?

15 July 2019

During the latest video from AHDB, Market Analyst Tom Forshaw talks about the impact African Swine Fever is having on beef and lamb markets around the world.

25 July 2019

Grazing Strategies for Better Returns