20 January 2022

The GB liveweight OSL SQQ slipped 5p to average 263.22p/kg in the week ending 19 Jan

19 January 2022

Exports in the year-to November were down 20%, to 62,200 tonnes. There were some challenges to exporting in 2021 with not only the on-going Covid-19 pandemic but also new trading arrangements and trade friction post the end of the Brexit transition period.

13 January 2022

During the most recent week liveweight lamb prices slipped slightly compared to the opening week of 2022 but remained strong in historic terms.

13 January 2022

Throughout 2021 lamb kill has been lower, and December was no different. Lamb kill totalled just 1.1 million head.

11 January 2022

Strength in GB lamb prices continued around the ring as we moved into the New Year.

6 January 2022

The total number of lambs in the UK as at 1 June 2021 was 16.4 million head, a 0.6% decline on year earlier numbers, according to Defra data.

5 January 2022

Global meat consumption is expected to continue growing by 1.4% per year

23 December 2021

After faltering for the past two weeks, liveweight lamb prices have again moved upwards this week. In the week ended 22 December the GB liveweight NSL SQQ increased by almost 9p, to 280.43p/kg.

16 December 2021

Lamb prices have slipped slightly this week, reflecting that the Christmas kill will now be winding down. During the week ending the 15 December, the GB liveweight NSL SQQ fell 7p, to 271.87p/kg.

16 December 2021

Production during the month totalled 24,700 tonnes, down 10% on-the-year. 11% fewer lambs came forwards.

15 December 2021

Continuing the trend recorded throughout 2021, UK fresh and frozen sheep meat exports were down 12% on-the-year during October, to 7,000 tonnes according to HMRC data.

15 December 2021

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