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2 April 2020

Guidance on providing the correct quality and quantity of water to pigs

31 March 2020

Challenge Sheep is a project funded by AHDB Beef & Lamb which aims to develop best practice for managing replacement ewes and understand the impact of the rearing phase on a ewe’s lifetime performance.

24 March 2020

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb and Marc Jones, from ADAS, for a webinar discussing the findings of the beef from grass project.

16 March 2020

This report examines the relative costs of pig meat production up to farmgate level in selected countries (data relates to 2018).

4 March 2020

This checklist aims to provide a structured approach to assess a calf rearing system.

27 February 2020

The vitamins and minerals for healthy hoof horn growth and development.

27 February 2020

The nutritional factors have a significant impact upon dairy cow foot health.

1 July 2020

Training: Stockperson Development Scheme, Central

11 February 2020

Our regular newsletter featuring articles on mastitis, strategic farms, new breeding tools, dairy marketing and more.

5 February 2020

Improving animal performance and reducing physical losses are key to ensuring sheep farming is profitable. This manual takes into account various factors, including the sheep farming system, ewe body condition, nutrition, health planning and management with the aim of reducing lamb losses

3 February 2020

Learn about the type of ketosis and how to diagnose ketosis in dairy cows

27 February 2020

Join AndreVan Barneveld for a masterclass around achieving higher yields from your grazing platform