Livestock Nutrition

13 February 2024

Learn how to successfully outwinter stock on fodder beet to maximise performance and reduce costs

14 February 2024

Can fodder beet be grown and fed in a sustainable way to beef cattle in the UK? Join this webinar to find out.

5 December 2023

Join Salisbury pig club as we discuss winter feed rations with Dr Steven Jagger (ABN)

3 November 2023

Our feed budget planner helps farmers optimise their feeding strategies, leading to healthier livestock, reduced waste, and increased profits.

2 August 2023

Find out how you can use genetics to your advantage when it comes to cutting feed bills

1 March 2023

Ahead of the upcoming ban on zinc supplementation in pigs, we have completed research in conjunction with SAC Commercial Ltd. and the Pig Veterinary Society to review the options available to farmers.

7 December 2022

The key to success at lambing is ewe body condition and the right balance of energy and protein during pregnancy to meet development needs.

7 December 2022

In-calf heifers have many demands as they continue to grow (at approximately 0.5 kg/day), as well as develop the calf, prepare for lactation and be ready to get back in calf for the following year.

29 September 2022

How we manage suckler cows during pregnancy can have a big impact on calf lifetime performance.

28 July 2022

Find out more about how to grow Lupins on your farm, how to harvest and process them, and how to incorporate them into a ration for cattle and sheep.

10 March 2022

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) recently announced that any zinc oxide veterinary products that are Qualified-Person-released by 26 June 2022 can continue to be used until the end of their shelf life (approximately two years).

18 February 2022

Hear from well-known feed companies and nutritionists as they discuss options for effectively managing weaned piglets without zinc oxide.