Livestock Nutrition

15 February 2022

Rob and Liz Priest from Kingsford Farm, Holsworthy and Scadghill Farm, Bude join AHDB’s Farm Excellence programme as the new Beef & Lamb Monitor Farm in the South West of England.

4 February 2022

Managing nutrition to ensure optimum calf health and growth

15 February 2022

Join this online event to hear about the options for managing without zinc oxide.

29 November 2021

Kim Matthews on how AHDB beef feed research can help cut both costs and GHGs

20 October 2021

Introducing cattle into arable rotations to ‘beef’ up the profit margin webinar

20 October 2021

Panel discussion: How to successfully manage sheep on herbal leys webinar

20 October 2021

Integrated farming strategies to improve farm health and performance webinar

20 October 2021

Latest research on ewe longevity data review webinar

19 October 2021

Annual feed bills across the UK beef industry could be reduced by up to £12.5 million thanks to the development of new selection index tool that allow animals to be selected for feed efficiency.

18 October 2021

Integrating beef cattle into arable rotations provides new opportunities for both beef producers and arable farmers.

20 September 2021

There are just seven-weeks to go until the 2021 Sheep Breeders Round Table (SBRT), online event takes place this year between Monday 15 and Friday 19 November.

3 September 2021

Find out all the key points on managing heifers from vaccines and nutrition to overall welfare.