26 January 2021

Gilt Watch® demonstrated there are many solutions to improving overall gilt and sow retention but only when embedded across processes to produce marginal gains. What is needed is a how-to guide for getting from variation to standardisation.

26 January 2021

Gilt Watch® mentors have shown that controlling some of the processes around gilt selection, farrowing groups and nutrition by parity, substantial reductions in variation and performance can be achieved.

26 January 2021

Discover our Gilt Watch® programme, designed to help pig producers make informed and efficient business decisions on gilt management.

25 January 2021

The Real Welfare project gathers standardised information on a mix of ‘iceberg indicators’ of health and welfare to provide a pragmatic, evidence based approach to assess welfare from an animal’s perspective.

25 January 2021

Data show that, on average, all the welfare outcomes measured through the Real Welfare scheme, bar one, have shown improvements since the scheme was introduced in 2013.

25 January 2021

More than 13 million pigs have been individually assessed by specially trained vets to provide a credible and benchmarked level of welfare.

25 January 2021

We take stock of 2020 and look ahead to some of the key areas of work we will be focusing on over the next 12 months.

17 February 2021

Join AHDB, Red Tractor and NFU for a panel discussion on the new Red Tractor calf standard

21 December 2020

Mixed livestock

10 December 2020

Find out how maintaining high standards not only improves pig welfare, but also affects performance, carcase quality and staff morale.

21 January 2021

Neontal survival webinar for beef and lamb farmers