22 June 2020

Our webinar provide an overview of the changes made to the Welfare code, and the range of tools available from AHDB to help manage pig welfare on farm.

7 July 2020

Join AHDB and Dr Luppo Diepenbroek, Independent consultant, for a webinar on outwintering cattle

12 June 2020

A flowchart on how to assess body condition score in dairy cattle, using the Penn State assessment method. Use the step-by-step guide to work out the body condition score of individual cows, using the coloured step markers, images and detailed steps to guide you.

10 June 2020

A pad to allow you to record body condition score at different times during the lactation

18 June 2020

How to start direct selling with Strategic Farms Dupath Farm and Chestnut Farm

1 June 2020

Nigel Miller has been appointed as Chair of the newly-formed Ruminant Health and Welfare Group (RHWG) with effect from 1 June 2020 for a two-year term.

1 June 2020

The latest antibiotic usage figures for the UK pig industry show that levels remain unchanged last year, despite significant disease challenges.

29 May 2020

The weather is certainly throwing some challenges our way this year and the biggest impact is the reduced grass growth.

29 May 2020

We have gone from the wettest February to the driest April and May, and it doesn’t look as though there is rain coming anytime soon.

9 June 2020

We provide an overview of changes to Defra's code of practice for the welfare of pigs, and tools AHDB offer to help monitor welfare on farm.