16 July 2021

This report from the Pig Health and Welfare Council (PHWC) recounts the activities of the council during 2019 and 2020.

5 July 2021

Our feeding for efficiency webinar is ideal for anyone looking to improve their technical knowledge on feeding traditional small-scale pig breeds.

28 June 2021

Farm vet Robert Smith demonstrates the key principles you need to adhere to when administering anthelmintic wormers to livestock.

22 June 2021

Ram breeding provides the genetics to increase the productivity of your customer’s flock. Performance recording means you can select and market the sheep with the most profitable genetics. Recording crossbred rams uses the same process as a pedigree flock, but you should consider hybrid vigour, ram and progeny uniformity and comparison of sheep.

15 June 2021

Tim Downes, alongside vet Nathan Loewenstein and dairy building expert Ian Ohnstad explore how to make the most from your buildings at calving.

11 June 2021

Learn about some of the best suppliers of pig herd management software and understand how you can benefit from managing your pig herd more efficiently and effectively.

29 July 2021

Chris has made improvements in his soil health and has also worked hard over the last two years to improve how he manages his ewe lambs

14 July 2021

Steven has increased his farming business by more than double, now extending to 307ha of mixed ground. With no increase in full time labour and significant changes underway within the business, find out what he plans to do next.

13 July 2021

Making decisions on farm is rarely a simple process but our Beef & Lamb Strategic Farmer Richard Carruthers talks through the changes he has made since joining the Farm Excellence network.

7 July 2021

Since Neil joined the Farm Excellence network two years ago, one of his key focus areas has been to improve his grazing management.

25 May 2021

An overview of the Ruminant Health & Welfare survey results, priorities and how they’re going to be tackled.

17 June 2021

Discover how an integrated approach to parasite management can reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for wormers in cattle and sheep