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Contents tagged with stress

13 August 2018

At weaning, piglets experience multiple challenges: stress of leaving the sow, mixing with other pigs, establishing a new 'pecking order', new environment, change of diet and a health challenge. Daily liveweight gain, which can be 300g/day prior to weaning can be reduced to 200g/day

26 November 2018

Heat stress will increase the pigs respiration rate in an attempt to keep cool. Animals will seek opportunities for cooling, ie wallowing, soiling pen and lying in urine. If the pig cannot cool itself sufficiently it will collapse and, in the worst scenario, die.

24 August 2018

With increasingly tight financial margins in beef and sheep production , minimising the losses of saleable meat and offal is important for the whole supply chain. This manual gives an overview of the conditions that cause rejections at post-mortem inspection and how these conditions can be avoided

9 August 2018

Successful beef production starts with a bright and healthy calf that has been well looked after from the moment it is born. Following the advice in this manual will help ensure calves enter the next stage of their lives in the best possible condition and continue to grow to their expected targets

25 October 2018

Understanding how animals react and what stimulates them helps producers improve handling facilities, making cattle handling safer and more efficient. This manual aims to improve producers' understanding of animal behaviour, helping them refine their skills and improve their facilities