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19 February 2021

Find out what you can do to improve meat quality post-slaughter.

19 February 2021

Find out how a high level of stress in the last couple of days prior to slaughter can impact red meat quality.

19 February 2021

Learn how to handle and sort animals prior to slaughter to prevent damage to the carcase and avoid a decrease in meat quality.

19 February 2021

Find out how practices on farm can impact meat quality.

19 February 2021

Find out what factors affect meat quality and shelf life and what you can do about them to improve end product consistency.

13 January 2021

Learn why pigs behave in certain ways and how they respond to humans, as well as how to handle them effectively.

30 July 2020

The concerns associated with Covid-19 this has led to increased stress and anxiety for many business owners. AHDB has therefore teamed up with key farming charities to give you specialist advice to help you provide support to your farming team

10 July 2020

Planning for the future can be a daunting process, especially in the farming sector where there is a lot of change and uncertainty on the horizon.

10 July 2020

This year resilience levels have been tested with the increased demand to supply higher volumes of produce in shorter time frames, and this has undoubtedly put strain on both our physical and mental well-being.

26 November 2018

Heat stress will increase the pigs respiration rate in an attempt to keep cool. Animals will seek opportunities for cooling, ie wallowing, soiling pen and lying in urine. If the pig cannot cool itself sufficiently it will collapse and, in the worst scenario, die.

24 August 2018

With increasingly tight financial margins in beef and sheep production , minimising the losses of saleable meat and offal is important for the whole supply chain. This manual gives an overview of the conditions that cause rejections at post-mortem inspection and how these conditions can be avoided

9 August 2018

Successful beef production starts with a bright and healthy calf that has been well looked after from the moment it is born. Following the advice in this manual will help ensure calves enter the next stage of their lives in the best possible condition and continue to grow to their expected targets