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17 November 2021

This report examines the relative costs of pig production in selected countries during 2020.

17 November 2021

Our recent webinar explored how to exploit organic materials to keep a lid on the crop-nutrition bill.

5 November 2021

AHDB’s latest Horizon report quantifies the potential economic impact of the Australia trade deal on UK agriculture for the first time.

25 February 2021

The latest Pig Cost of Production in Selected Countries report shows the cost of pig meat production in the UK decreased by 3% in 2019, to £1.42 per kg.

4 February 2021

How John and Anna Booth achieve a full economic cost of production of 28.2ppl, placing them just outside the top 5% of GB herds.

23 May 2022

Attention to detail is king, yield is the prince

13 July 2021

Top spring block calvers optimise stocking rates to get nearly twice as many kilos of milk solids from every forage hectare.

13 July 2021

Higher profit margins are associated with lower overhead costs.

13 July 2021

Finished pig prices continued to rise in the first quarter of 2020. However, an increase in feed and labour costs have eroded away some of the potential margin gains.

13 July 2021

GB breeding productivity improved year-on-year in the 12-months ending Dec 2019.

19 October 2020

Chasing yield is no longer the biggest priority for a mother and son farming partnership in Essex

14 March 2022

Calculate your own cost of pig production with our three easy-to-use calculators