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18 October 2021

Health is a long-standing concern for consumers, and therefore is a topic AHDB monitors regularly.

21 July 2021

According to Kantar, 12% of primary and processed pigmeat volumes held an outdoor claim, in the year ending 16 May 21.

13 July 2021

A guide to processing pork from farm to plate

12 July 2021

A guide to processing lamb from farm to plate

13 July 2021

A guide to processing beef

18 May 2021

We outline why the year-on-year change in retail volumes of beef, lamb and pork have started to slow

11 May 2021

Online food and drink rose by 77% in the 12 w/e 21 Feb 2021, but is set to slow as lockdowns ease

17 March 2021

Pre-packed potatoes share of volume reached 94.4% in the 12 w/e 21 Feb 2021 – the highest level it’s been at for around five years

10 February 2021

Red meat volumes grew faster than turkey and whole fish this Christmas. Cheese volumes were up 17% in December.

4 January 2021

With increased focus on household budgets expected in 2021, how can the organic market continue to grow?

11 November 2020

An eight-week Spring campaign to support the red meat industry has generated £9.8million in incremental retail beef sales

29 July 2020

A semi-annual outlook, assessing trends in supply and demand to see what the industry can expect in the year to come.