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12 December 2019

Aoife O'Driscoll provides an update on the SCEPTREPlus project investigating new and alternative products to control Septoria in celery.

24 July 2019

SCEPTREplus trial now underway covering both pre and post emergence weed control in celery. David Norman of Fresh Produce Consultancy will explain the work, highlight key outcomes to date and give visitors the opportunity to look at the plots themselves.

14 October 2021

The Miridae are a large and diverse family of insects. The most widely known capsids are species of agricultural pests that pierce plant tissues, feed on the sap, and sometimes transmit plant viruses. The aim of this factsheet is to improve current understanding of the capsid bugs that can infest celery crops and consider approaches to control.

19 September 2018

Outdoor salads - lettuce and celery crop walkers' guide is aimed at assisting growers, agronomists and their staff in the vital task of monitoring crops. It is designed for use in the field to help with accurate identification of pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and disorders within a crop.

29 September 2021

This factsheet summarises knowledge of celery leaf spot and describes current best-practice guidelines for its management, considering all aspects of production from seed health through to harvest.