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4 March 2020

Disease conditions recorded at post-mortem inspection often lead to financial loss of the carcase value

10 January 2020

Join Peake (GB) Limited, APHA and AHDB for an interactive post-mortem session. The aims of the meeting are to provide advice on the use of post mortems to investigate disease on farm, how to select the right case and how the information gathered can be used for disease control.

20 January 2022

Post mortem examination of sheep at a fallen stock collection centre to provide information for flock health interventions

22 February 2024

Farm animal post mortem report template

22 February 2024

Farm animal post mortem report example

28 November 2022

With increasingly tight financial margins in beef and sheep production , minimising the losses of saleable meat and offal is important for the whole supply chain. This manual gives an overview of the conditions that cause rejections at post-mortem inspection and how these conditions can be avoided