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23 September 2021

This factsheet provides useful information on beetle and weevil pests of cane fruit including raspberry beetle, vine weevil, clay coloured weevil (Figure 2), strawberry blossom weevil, cantharid (soldier) beetle, cockchafer and wireworm (click beetle).

23 September 2021

This factsheet outlines the importance of good cane management and training of field grown main season blackberries and hybrid berries.

27 September 2021

This factsheet provides a summary of the recognition and biology of sucking insect pests of cane fruit crops and how to manage and control them.

10 August 2018

Vine weevil remains a major pest of soft fruit crops. This factsheet gives practical information on the biology and control of vine weevil in soft fruit crops, drawing on results from research funded by AHDB Horticulture and others.