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11 May 2021

Find out the results of our latest potatoes marketing campaign.

16 March 2021

Mid-campaign results from AHDB’s ‘New Packed Lunch’ campaign show it has reached millions, as it lands well with consumers.

18 February 2021

Learn more about the latest success of our new marketing campaign which features baked potatoes as a versatile, tasty and easy meal.

1 February 2021

In February we are launching a new marketing campaign which will be promoting jacket potatoes.

25 January 2021

£2.3m on agronomy programmes, £500k on storage research. How your levy is invested and the services it provides. Includes a breakdown of how much of the levy is invested in each area.

8 January 2021

Learn more about areas of AHDB’s most important and valuable work: marketing, storage and SPot farms.

9 December 2020

We are seeking open, honest and robust dialogue with the industry on our new strategy, so the call for a ballot on the continuation of the potatoes levy is timely

11 January 2021

Over the last years we have promoted potatoes to million of consumers.

2 December 2020

This part includes a presentation about marketing from Nicola Dodd - Senior Marketing Manager - AHDB and the Awards Ceremony

1 December 2020

Our new marketing campaign to promote the benefits of the baked potato will use in-depth consumer analysis

20 November 2020

The total harvest of British potatoes this year will be 5.3m tonnes according to provisional estimates

10 November 2020

AHDB's Pork Strategy Director shares her view on the latest Mix Up Midweek Pulled Pork Campaign, aimed to increase the consumer demand for pork shoulder.