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29 October 2019

Infrastructure is key to setting up a simple paddock system. If you spend time initially in setting up the infrastructure, the movement of cattle and the creation of paddocks will be a lot simpler in the long term.

5 July 2019

LIC grazing consultant Piers Badnell explain the options to correct spring grazing mistakes

5 July 2019

We're looking for farms across GB to participate in a project about into reducing P on dairy farms

21 June 2019

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb and Dr Liz Genever (independent sheep and beef consultant) for a webinar on how to develop an efficient grazing strategy for your farm.

23 April 2019

Feed is a major cost of keeping a suckler cow and has a huge impact on fertility, calving ease and calf performance. The cheapest form of feed available to livestock farmers is grass. It is estimated that we waste 30% of the grass we grow. Since becoming a Strategic farm, E.H Holdstock & Son have introduced new grassland leys through reseeding and are keen to explore rotational grazing in 2019.

8 November 2019

The latest research and advice on grass, forage and soil management to help improve grassland productivity on livestock farms

23 May 2019

In this guide we explore the potential role of cut and carry systems on UK dairy farms and establish best-practice guidelines for farmers

2 October 2018

A successful 2019 grazing season starts now.

19 September 2018

This directory considers the options for growing forages on sheep and beef farms to help reduce reliance on purchased feeds. It can be used alongside the BRP Mini Feeds Directory which contains information about home-grown feeds such as grains and roots, as well as purchased feed options like co-products

3 June 2019

Views from across our Farm Excellence network on the 2018 heat wave and resulting drought

7 June 2019

In this section you will find information on how to determine the nutrient requirements of grass and forage crops.

6 March 2019

Grass grown for silage has different needs to grass grown solely for grazing. Silage can provide high quality forage for winter feeding however, as with all crops, it depends on using the right varieties of grass and optimising soil conditions. This manual covers the key issues when making silage