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14 July 2021

The UK has signed a trade agreement with Canada but is starting negotiations to “better” it. It is important for us to understand the similarities and differences in production and trade between the UK and Canada. This article will focus on cereals and oilseeds.

30 June 2021

Dr Phil Hadley shares his thoughts on the recent announcement that the US is lifting tariffs on UK pork and dairy

30 July 2021

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3 June 2021

AHDB’s Tania Gesto-Casás discusses the experience and learnings of meat exporters from different European countries so far since launching into our new trading relationship.

21 May 2021

Asia and the Middle East have helped boost red meat exports from the UK in what has been an incredibly challenging start to the year.

13 July 2021

UK exports to the EU stay below previous year levels.

20 April 2021

AHDB’s International Market Development Director Phil Hadley will be speaking at this online webinar focusing on exports hosted by Graham Stuart (UK International Trade Minister). Other contributors include Stuart Roberts (NFU) livestock board member, Oli Lee (NFU), as well as an overview of the key export opportunities from UK Agricultural Counsellors from Beijing and the Gulf.

19 March 2021

In this week’s blog, AHDB’s Market Intelligence Director Phil Bicknell shares his take on a discussion with leading exporters about the short term impacts and long term opportunities for UK agri-food.

5 March 2021

This week saw the launch of the Trade and Agriculture Commission (TAC) report to the Government on how best to advance the interests of UK farmers, food producers and consumers in future trade agreements. In this week’s blog International Market Development Director Dr Phil Hadley reflects on the report and the potential implications for our agri-food exports

4 May 2021

A summary of the areas funded by your levy and what it achieves

24 February 2021

Three months after the end of the transition period, we will host this follow-up webinar to assess the state of play of the EU-UK trade relationship, with a particular focus on how the EU-UK trade deal has impacted red meat traders on both sides of the Channel and in the island of Ireland.

16 February 2021

High quality lamb from the UK will be in the spotlight this month at one of the world’s biggest annual food and drink trade shows in the Middle East.