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25 November 2021

Dairy Research Partnership Phase I

25 November 2021

Phase II of the Nottingham research partnership

24 November 2021

Reducing the use of Veterinary Medicines

15 November 2021

Research on preventing respiratory disease in calves

3 November 2021

Research investigating the prevention of digital dermatitis transmission on farm

3 November 2021

Research investigating bovine ischaemic teat necrosis in dairy cows.

10 June 2021

Antibiotic prescribed to pigs on UK farms in 2020 fell by 5%, bringing the total reduction since 2015 to 62%

29 March 2023

Find out why colostrum is so important for lambs, how to manage feeding and more.

20 December 2022

From pre-calving nutrition information to managing colostrum intake, our advice below will help to manage all aspects of colostrum in suckler calves.

31 January 2022

Colostrum Is Gold is an award-winning industry campaign. It highlights the key role colostrum plays in farm animal performance through improved health while reducing antibiotic use.

26 November 2021

Current dairy cow mineral intake on commercial farms in GB in comparisons with recommended levels

26 November 2021

A strategy to reduce crude protein levels within dairy cow diets without compromising performance health welfare or fertility