Inside the AHDB toolbox

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

We have loads of tools and resources on the AHDB website – check out some of our favourites here.

Cross sector

Brexit – explore our Brexit impact calculator, Brexit toolkit, resilience checklist and much more.

Farmbench – our easy-to-use benchmarking tool for cereals, livestock and dairy.

Weatherhub – in depth information on rainfall, mean temperature and soil temperature.


Fight Against Blight, regularly updated reports of blight incidences across the UK.

Storage cost calculator

PCN calculator – uses PCN numbers and management options to predict the potential population growth and impact on yield.

Aphid monitoring

Potato data centre – examine data on price, variety, planted area, market sector and yield.


KPI benchmarking calculator – benchmark your business and technical performance and identify areas for improvement.

Milk price calculator – input farm-specific data to find out where changes can be made to improve the milk price on your current contract.

Milk forecasting tool – compare your current system against a range of alternative scenarios, the tool can be used to see how changes to herd size, yields or calving patterns will impact your business.

Cereals & Oilseeds

Machinery costing calculator – input your machinery costs and find out what each bit of kit costs to run per hectare or per hour.

Harvest results interactive – have a look at the latest Recommended List (RL) data on how different varieties performed at the various RL trial sites.


Blackcurrant gall mite emergence – this tool predicts when mites will emerge and advises when to spray (using data collected from 160 locations).

Pest bulletin – weekly report on current pest levels across the UK.

Crop Walkers’ guides – covering a huge range of horticultural crops (available from the app store or the play store).

Biosecurity guide for protected edibles

This article is taken from the Spring/Summer 2019 edition of All About Scotland.

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