Soft Fruit

23 June 2020

Read the latest technical advice from our GrowSave project

23 June 2020

Our latest Grower addresses the recruitment of British workers, highlights best practice for reducing the risk of food borne illnesses and shares the latest research into alternative controls of apple powdery mildew

9 June 2020

A collection of WET Centre work programme and results for 2019

26 May 2020

The Plum Demonstration Centre – Work Programme for 2020

26 May 2020

Plum Centre Demonstrations in 2019

20 May 2020

This best-practice guide covers the 13 main diseases of horticultural brassicas that cause economic losses to growers in the UK.

6 May 2020

In this review, we collated all available data on E. pyrifoliae to better understand its ecology, control measures and potential risks to UK horticulture.

7 May 2020

This review covers the problem of western flower thrips feeding, breeding and damaging the flowers and fruits on strawberry crops, particularly ever-bearers.

28 April 2020

Energy saving advice for the protected cropping industry

7 May 2020

A review of control measures for blackberry downy mildew

23 April 2020

Five new members have been appointed to the AHDB Horticulture Sector Board. They began their three-year term from 1 April 2020.