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Soft Fruit

7 April 2020

An introduction to British horticulture and shows the diversity of what we grow, and where and how we grow it

7 April 2020

A guide to the 300 edible horticulture crops harvested in Britain

6 April 2020

Coronavirus and the challenge of recruiting British workers

6 April 2020

From recruiting workers to educating your workforce, we've created five top tips to help you through this challenging time.

26 March 2020

The forest bug (A.K.A. red-legged shieldbug, Pentatoma Rufipes) is a commonly occurring and widespread shieldbug species in the UK

6 April 2020

Welcome to the new home of GrowSave – a knowledge exchange programme with the aim of helping farmers and growers save energy.

16 March 2020

A new autonomous guided vehicle to help tackle the labour shortage in horticulture

18 March 2020

Calculate chill hours and predict bud break in blackcurrant crops

11 March 2020

An easy guide to recognising thrips in your crops

9 March 2020

Our new survey probing for better industry solutions to skills shortages within the edibles sub-sector is now live

11 February 2020

How to keep fresh produce free from harmful pathogens

11 February 2020

How to manage the risk of microbials and pathogens in fresh edible produce