Why sow flowering seed mixes?

Adding non-crop floral resources to farmland can have many benefits for pollinators and natural pest enemies as well as for growers.

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While grass mixes encourage some beneficial insect groups, many pollinators and natural pest enemies benefit greatly from access to flowers. Sowing flowering seed mixes near crops encourages insects to pollinate crops and helps to manage pests.

The benefits for growers and for nature

Although not a guarantee every year in all crops, using flowering seed mixes can offer many benefits:

  • Attracting pollinators and increasing crop pollination
  • Increased crop yield potential
  • Conservation of rare native species
  • Natural pest control by attracting enemies of crop pests
  • Reduced need for pesticide use
  • Increased buffering at field edges
  • Areas of sown flowers can qualify for payments under the new Sustainable Farming Incentive

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