16 March 2021

Join our final workshop in our microbials and fresh produce safety series

11 March 2021

Join us for the second of our workshops examining microbials and food safety in fresh produce

4 March 2021

How to identify and control bean seed fly

4 March 2021

This year’s annual AHDB Tree Fruit Technical Day focuses crop protection, seeking novel approaches for controlling apple canker, brown rot in cherry and woolly apple aphid, whilst exploring new findings about increasing tree resilience to pests and diseases.

2 March 2021

AHDB is hosting two special webinars to explore the impact of the EU Exit on the ornamentals sector.

2 March 2021

Read the latest updates from researchers looking at new plant protection products for horticulture crops in our SCEPTREplus project

1 March 2021

An integrated approach using biocontrol agents with new fungicides and plant extracts could be the future of apple canker control, explains Matevz Papp-Rupar

2 March 2021

The most recent extension of authorisations for minor use secured for plant protection products

25 February 2021

Wayne Brough shares the key messages from our webinar 'Why am I having difficulty controlling aphids in my crop?’

23 February 2021

New plant protection product authorisation secured following loss of oxamyl

22 February 2021

Joanna McTigue on our response to the closure of LTAEU to support growers of ornamental crops