Crops & Grassland

19 March 2020

How to develop integrated pest management strategies to control aphids

26 March 2020

The 13th BGS Research Conference will focus on the topic of multi-species swards. With a number of large-scale projects currently underway in the UK and across the EU, this is currently an enormously topical area of research. The conference will provide a venue for presentation and discussion of recent results from research on multi-species swards, as well as an opportunity to learn from farmers and advisors with experience of establishing and managing multi-species ‘herbal leys’.

5 March 2020

How to manage basil downy mildew - information about sources, spread, growth and development

25 February 2020

Herbaceous perennial technical discussion group - environmental best practice

2 January 2020

This page covers seedling blight, foot/crown rot, ear (head) blight and fusarium mycotoxins

22 January 2020

Find out how to manage the most important diseases of wheat and barley

2 January 2020

Some soil-borne vectors transmit virus diseases to cereal crops

20 December 2019

This minor disease affects wheat but can also attack barley, rye and some grasses.

23 January 2020

What the UK can learn from Canadian suckler systems to improve production and profitability

2 January 2020

Bunt can lead to unsaleable grain, because of discolouring and smell.

16 January 2020

Making suckler cow systems more profitable through grazing management