Crops & Grassland

9 October 2019

Labour, crop protection and new technology in horticulture will be focus of this year's conference

26 September 2019

Tomato brown rugose fruit virus will be focus of this years conference

23 August 2019

Accurate grass measuring using satellite technology is still developing, but many grazing managers who plate meter could improve grassland performance just by getting more out of their grazing software. Today’s sophisticated data crunching can help fine-tune rotations, predict surpluses and deficits, and ensure that any supplementation is cost-effective.

22 August 2019

Targeted treatment of the most mollusc-riddled parts of a field has taken a step closer

21 August 2019

Strategic Centres will showcase the latest ideas, science and technology to improve integrated pest management (IPM) strategies for field vegetables

20 August 2019

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20 August 2019

Information on control, life cycles, monitoring and forecasting of key brassica pests

16 September 2019

AHDB Strategic Beef farmer Mark Jelley from Perkins Lodge Farm

16 August 2019

Rupert Major shares how he switched from a leader-follower system on the milking platform, to a separate heifer grazing platform.

15 August 2019

The Agronomist Conference this year will focus on IPM

16 September 2019

Optimising performance through nutrition

9 August 2019

Irrigation, herbicides and organic matter also on the agenda