Crops & Grassland

16 October 2019

The market for both carving and culinary pumpkins is increasing in the UK, but there has been little previous work to optimise field management and handling practices.

15 October 2019

Wearing gloves and changing them regularly could help risk reduce of spread of infection

15 October 2019

New EU measures coming into force 1 November 2019 to control tomato brown rugose fruit virus

11 October 2019

An insight into the integrated slug management techniques emerging across the world

10 October 2019

Live peach–potato aphid samples are needed to help monitor for insecticide resistance

11 October 2019

Light leaf spot is one of the most important foliar diseases of oilseed rape.

9 October 2019

An induction video for seasonal fruit workers, helping to get the best from your workforce. Also available in Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian.

10 October 2019

These images show symptoms of tomato brown rugose fruit virus (TBRFV)

31 October 2019

See the results of the 2019 variety trials

6 November 2019

What to consider when building a biological pest control programme for ornamental crops

21 November 2019

New poinsettia varieties, growth control programmes and water deficit irrigation