Field Vegetables

23 June 2020

Read the latest technical advice from our GrowSave project

23 June 2020

Our latest Grower addresses the recruitment of British workers, highlights best practice for reducing the risk of food borne illnesses and shares the latest research into alternative controls of apple powdery mildew

17 June 2020

Review of the best practices for storing outdoor cucurbit crops.

11 June 2020

East of Scotland Growers (ESG) has joined AHDB’s Farm Excellence programme as the new Strategic Centre for field vegetable crops - brassicas, in Scotland.

20 May 2020

This best-practice guide covers the 13 main diseases of horticultural brassicas that cause economic losses to growers in the UK.

27 April 2020

How to use the CropMonitor Pro onion downy mildew model

27 April 2020

How to register to use our onion downy mildew predictor tool

23 April 2020

Five new members have been appointed to the AHDB Horticulture Sector Board. They began their three-year term from 1 April 2020.

22 April 2020

Emerger can now be used for weed control in selected field vegetables after authorisations secured

7 May 2020

Managing thrips, brown marmorated stink bug and Nesidiocoris

7 April 2020

An introduction to British horticulture and shows the diversity of what we grow, and where and how we grow it

7 April 2020

A guide to the 300 edible horticulture crops harvested in Britain