Hardy Nursery Stock

30 September 2020

AHDB's Sector Strategy Director, Horticulture, Ruth Ashfield provides an update on the potential ballot in horticulture

28 September 2020

AHDB’s Wayne Brough spoke to David Talbot of ADAS about the latest developments in weed control solutions for hardy nursery stock.

3 September 2020

The European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) has once again established itself as the major vertebrate pest of UK horticulture, agriculture and forestry, causing economic losses estimated to be in excess of £100M annually. Unfortunately, numbers are on the increase and the total pre-breeding population is estimated to be 37+ million. This is primarily due to a weakening of the myxoma virus and increased levels of genetic resistance. The potential for damage to horticultural interests is therefore likely to increase and it is essential that growers are aware of the various control strategies available, not only to minimise the impact of rabbits but also because they have a statutory responsibility to manage rabbits on their land.

1 September 2020

Cut foliage comes in many forms, typically serving to add texture, colour, interest and bulk to bouquets and other floral arrangements. This information sheet covers field-grown, woody cut foliage crops and is augmented where possible by observations from the demonstration plantings at the CFC.

28 August 2020

To comply with the code of good agricultural practice for the protection of water, growers must dispose of pesticide wastes and washings safely to avoid the contamination of surface and ground water or water courses. Biobeds offer an extremely safe and efficient method of disposal. This factsheet outlines how

27 August 2020

Following the completion of project ‘Baiting and diagnostic techniques for monitoring Phytophthora and Pythium species in irrigation water on ornamental nurseries’, a summary guide has been produced which provides the necessary detail to create the baiting kit and instructions on how to use a lateral flow device to test for the presence of the pathogens.  

27 August 2020

The market demand for high quality container grown herbaceous perennials continues to develop and there is still considerable scope for growers to increase market share. This guide considers the current market trends, the cultural requirements of herbaceous crops and the production methods employed.

27 August 2020

This best practice guide incorporates a detailed section on how to use cold storage and explains about the different types of cold stores, their construction, acquisition, layout, energy efficiency, environmental control and capital costs.

27 August 2020

Poster summarising results of herbicide screening trials

27 August 2020

In 2014, AHDB Horticulture funded ADAS and the RHS to undertake a project to improve the understanding of heuchera rust (Puccinia heucherae) and its origin and occurrence in the UK.A key issue for UK growers is where and when in the production cycle does the rust pathogen establish, and this poster details the work undertaken to address this. 

27 August 2020

Poster summarising results of pesticide screening trials