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Hardy Nursery Stock

7 April 2020

An introduction to British horticulture and shows the diversity of what we grow, and where and how we grow it

6 April 2020

Coronavirus and the challenge of recruiting British workers

1 April 2020

Guidance on the use of chemicals for plant growth regulators in ornamentals

8 April 2020

A summary of the latest research and information for ornamental crops

16 March 2020

A new autonomous guided vehicle to help tackle the labour shortage in horticulture

10 March 2020

Symptoms and control options for lupin anthracnose

17 December 2019

A guide to selecting and using cover materials to prevent weeds in crops grown in containers

16 December 2019

Highly effective practical guidance for their management and control

10 December 2019

Our Extension of Authorisation for Minor Uses (EAMU) programme for the horticulture industry helps you to remain competitive by ensuring there is access to essential crop protection products.

2 December 2019

How to create an even climate to improve crop quality and uniformity

19 November 2019

Tracking environmental conditions, such as humidity, temperature and light levels, is key to getting better control from biofungicides

4 November 2019

A case study to improve soils in field tree and hedging production