Effectively working with Labour Providers: Webinar

Past Event

17 May 2019

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Join us for two SmartHort webinars run by the Association of Labour Providers that focus on top tips for effective recruitment of seasonal labour and advice for maximising the benefits when working with labour providers.

These webinars will provide information on:

  • Best practice when recruiting new workers
  • How to ensure effective communication with labour providers
  • Maximise your relationship with Labour providers

With the current challenges that horticulture is facing in relation to labour, the AHDB SmartHort campaign aims to support businesses to ensure they are getting the best out of the workforce that they have available.

Using a labour provider can be a time saving, cost effective and flexible solution for businesses to meet their labour needs. This webinar focuses on what is good practice in using labour providers ensuring they are compliant, operate legally and ethically as well as being able to supply the quantity and quality of workers required.

Don't forget

Our first webinar about 'top tips for effective recruitment' will be hosted on Friday 3rd May, 13:00 - 13:30pm. Book now



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