Protected Edibles

19 March 2020

How to develop integrated pest management strategies to control aphids

5 March 2020

How to manage basil downy mildew - information about sources, spread, growth and development

5 February 2020

Survival and disinfection, current legislation and how the virus is being tackled internationally

18 February 2020

Latest knowledge and best practice to keep fresh produce safe to eat

18 December 2019

How are the Netherlands, Germany and Israel tackling ToBRFV

17 December 2019

This factsheet summarises current information on the biology of tomato grey mould in glasshouse crops and gives practical advice on how to minimise losses to the disease with minimal use of fungicides.

16 December 2019

Identification, biology and control of whitefly, both native and quarantine species, that are important pests of protected ornamental crops in the UK.

16 December 2019

Learn the key diagnostic features to distinguish between two important leafminers: Liriomyza spp and Tuta absoluta

12 December 2019

Weed control trials for herb crops

16 December 2019

Highly effective practical guidance for their management and control

10 December 2019

Key findings from SCEPTREplus trials for cucumber and pepper crops

10 December 2019

Our Extension of Authorisation for Minor Uses (EAMU) programme for the horticulture industry helps you to remain competitive by ensuring there is access to essential crop protection products.