Protected Edibles

9 April 2021

Part two of out protected vine crops highlights event

9 April 2021

Part one of our protected vine crops highlights event

26 March 2021

Find out more about how you can take steps towards Net Zero

30 March 2021

Targets confirmed for final year of plant protection product trials in SCEPTREplus

17 March 2021

Alternative bioprotectants show promise in controlling leafhopper in our SCEPTREplus trial

6 April 2021

Latest views and analysis from AHDB technical experts on IPM strategies for horticulture

8 March 2021

Find our top tips to help you with your energy management

8 March 2021

The emergence of LEDs as a viable light source has opened up new possibilities for horticulture that previous systems, based on sodium or fluorescent lamps, could not provide.

30 March 2021

Insights and experiences of growers in the UK affected by Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit

16 March 2021

Join our final workshop in our microbials and fresh produce safety series

11 March 2021

Join us for the second of our workshops examining microbials and food safety in fresh produce

29 March 2021

Read the latest updates from researchers looking at new plant protection products for horticulture crops in our SCEPTREplus project