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Protected Edibles

24 March 2020

This AHDB Horticulture Crop Walkers’ Guide is designed to assist growers, supervisors and nursery staff in the vital task of monitoring crops. It is designed for use directly on the nursery to help with the accurate identification of many of the economically important pests, diseases and disorders. Weed identification is not covered in this publication.

2 April 2020

Welcome to the new home of GrowSave – a knowledge exchange programme with the aim of helping farmers and growers save energy.

16 March 2020

A new autonomous guided vehicle to help tackle the labour shortage in horticulture

11 March 2020

Practical information for the integrated management of pests and diseases on protected herbs

11 March 2020

An easy guide to recognising thrips in your crops

9 March 2020

Our new survey probing for better industry solutions to skills shortages within the edibles sub-sector is now live

27 February 2020

Latest research and knowledge about the newly emerged tomato virus from international experts

20 February 2020

Survival and disinfection, a view from Europe and legislation - webinar

12 February 2020

What control measures could help protect crops from glasshouse mealybugs?

11 February 2020

How to keep fresh produce free from harmful pathogens

11 February 2020

How to manage the risk of microbials and pathogens in fresh edible produce

11 March 2020

Hear the latest pest and disease research results for protected crops