Research and Innovation

5 January 2021

Machine learning robotic lettuce harvester by ADHB-funded PhD student Luca Scimeca

16 December 2020

In this blog, Nicholas Saphir, AHDB’s chairman comments on the Change programme and strategy

9 December 2020

how to measure and reduce your carbon footprint and make your farm more efficient.

29 October 2020

Harvest 2021 trials at AHDB Strategic Cereal Farms will focus on the prevention, detection and control of pests, weeds and diseases – key components of IPM (integrated pest management).

20 November 2020

Opportunity to ask any questions and hear more information about the trials and demonstrations happening on the three AHDB Strategic Cereal Farms

17 November 2020

What can the research at AHDB's Strategic Farms teach us about weed management?

19 November 2020

Sharing the concept of flowering strips and the research at the Strategic Farms

17 November 2020

Hear about the cover ans catch crop trials at the Strategic Farms

22 October 2020

Waste is any step in a process that does not add value to the customer. There are three types of waste in Lean management, Muda, Mura and Muri, and we explore them below.

21 October 2020

When the 5 Lean principles are combined into a company's processes and culture, they create Lean production, manufacturing, and operating systems. On this page, we dive into each of these in a bit more detail.

10 November 2020

Pat O'Keeffe Piggeries is a family-owned and managed piggery based in Ballylough, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. The farm has approximately 2,200 sows. To improve farm work efficiency, a Lean programme was developed as an introduction to Lean management.

22 October 2020

Lean management, aims to optimise resources, maximise value and minimise waste. Find out about its origins and how Lean can be applied to agriculture and horticulture.