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Research and Innovation

1 April 2019

AHDB works closely with partners across Scotland and one of our most important links in terms of potato research is the James Hutton Institute.

30 April 2019

AHDB works closely with partners across Scotland, including research institutes, industry bodies and of course, farmers. In each issue we will be highlighting one of those partnerships to explain more about how it benefits levy payers.

26 March 2019

Workforce, the single biggest challenge for global horticulture

13 March 2019

Technological transformation requires the industry to come together

2 July 2019

Arable Scotland is a brand-new annual event for Scotland where the industry can meet, explore and discuss new innovations that will drive the productivity and future sustainability of Scottish arable production.

8 March 2019

Apply to work with automation systems experts on your business

19 March 2019

We will be exploring how you can understand and analyse your crops' performance,

12 December 2019

Apply to work with automation systems experts from WMG

6 March 2019

Ross Mitchell, Castleton Farm, reveals how his decision to invest in cutting-edge fruit sorting technology has led to rich pickings.

6 March 2019

Josse De Baerdemaeker from University of Leuven explains the challenges and future opportunities for new technologies in horticulture ahead of his talk at the SmartHort Conference

4 March 2019

Once more SPot Scotland has shown you can vastly reduce nitrogen use without seeing any negative impact on yield or crop quality. In fact, we have seen better yields when less nitrogen has been applied.

28 February 2019

The potential benefits of data driven production