Research and Innovation

30 September 2020

Find out what the AHDB is doing to support British farmers and how the horticulture levy is being spent.

6 October 2020

Hear about some of the most successful projects from the EU PiG programme and how they could benefit your business

21 September 2020

There are a range of tools and step-by-step guides available to help you when navigating content online.

21 September 2020

A video explaining how the Agronomists' Induction will work in 2020

30 November 2020

The Agronomists’ Induction introduces new and student agronomists to AHDB

29 September 2020

Hear the latest on foliar diseases R&D, new EAMU information and best practice guidance

2 September 2020

Our next monthly webinar is just two weeks away and will explore techniques that will help drive the agriculture industry forwards with the use of IPM.

18 August 2020

Ben Williams, Knowledge Transfer Senior Manager, explains what pig farmers can take away from the EU PiG Innovation Group.

12 August 2020

Watch our webinar focusing on the core concept of slurry cooling and its potential for the UK producers in terms of energy efficiency and ammonia reduction

10 August 2020

This webinar looks at the theory and principles behind mole drainage and soil loosening, along with practical tips on how to effectively implement these operations in-field.

6 August 2020

For those who are unaware of ‘slurry cooling’, this is the perfect step-by-step guide to demonstrate how slurry cooling works. This animation shows a number of proven options available to help you reduce ammonia emissions and comply with forthcoming compliance targets for environmental permitting.

15 December 2020

Join Mark Else and some of the technology providers at the WET Centre to learn about the findings from this year’s work programme.