Spotlight on animal science at national conference

Thursday, 23 March 2023

Next week, the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) conference will head to Birmingham.

This annual event unites academia and industry in key areas of animal science and technology. It provides a forum for discussion about the role of animal science in meeting challenging and changing needs.

AHDB is a sponsor of the event and has been involved in shaping the programme, with representatives from our Livestock Science team playing pivotal roles over the course of the three-day conference.

Kim Matthews, Head of Animal Breeding and Product Quality, is the current President of BSAS. Kim has been involved in meat quality research and knowledge exchange since 1992 when he joined the Meat and Livestock Commission. He will be opening the conference and chairing several sessions over the three days. 

"I am really excited to be presiding over this year’s conference, we have a great line-up of invited speakers and new research presentations. In my presidential year, I was keen that the Society addressed the question of what our animal science is for.

"The discovery of new knowledge has merit but, as applied scientists, Society members want to see their research deliver practical solutions to real-world problems – on farms and in the wider industry. Our conference theme 'Animal science – delivering for all our needs' is very much about that.”

An exciting element of the programme that AHDB has led is the 'Developing Talent' session, which has pole position at the start of the conference. Attendees will hear from early-career researchers who are working to improve the health and performance of livestock, six of whom are funded by AHDB. In addition, there will be presentations from a further eight AHDB-funded students over the course of the three days.

During the Animal Health and Disease session, chaired by AHDB’s Dr Bethan John, AHDB Head of Animal Health & Welfare Dr Mandy Nevel will be presenting on the topic of ‘Livestock health, disease and research – from farm to fork’.

Mandy will provide examples of good research that have significantly impacted our industry, through to poor research with disastrous outcomes. She will explain how AHDB is positioned at the interface of research and farming and how researchers need to work more closely with us to optimise the impact and reach of their work.

Following the event, we plan to share insight into the research of some of the AHDB-funded students as well as key outputs from the conference.

For anyone unable to attend the conference in person, there is the opportunity to watch the proceedings via a livestream, visit the BSAS website for details.

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Image of staff member Kim Matthews

Kim Matthews

Head of Animal Breeding & Product Quality

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