Farm Excellence

19 May 2022

Cheshire beef farmer, Ian Norbury, had a target of earning a £30,000 per year wage when he joined the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) Strategic Farm programme in 2017. Having received support and advice from a range of industry consultants, Ian has made a number of changes to his business to get him closer to his goal.

7 July 2022

David Barton is always looking for new ways to improve his suckler beef production so joined AHDB’s Farm Excellence project as a Beef and Lamb Strategic Farmer in 2017. Join him and his consultants for his final on farm meeting to learn about some of the changes he has made.

18 May 2022

Ruminant News spring/summer 2022 - with the recent rise in the cost of living and energy bills, this issue is very much focused on reducing fixed costs on farm. One farmer talks about reducing labour and medicine costs through using Targeted Selective Treatment when it comes to their worm control within his flock, whilst a beef suckler farmer talks about how he has reduced fertiliser use and reduced feed costs by optimising his grazing and has increased his outputs by doubling his herd size. The magazine also contains the fantastic results in changing consumer buying habits following the We Eat Balanced campaign and there are some dates for your diary on the back too.

7 June 2022

The widely reported energy crisis may have caused our domestic energy bills to increase, but it has also led to dramatic price hikes for fuel, nitrogen fertilisers and feed costs.

16 June 2022

AHDB Strategic Farmers Chris and Louise Elkington are taking steps to reduce their risk of anthelmintic resistance.

6 June 2022

Effective worm control is vital in any profitable sheep system. Lambs with even a modest worm burden, with no clinical signs of infection, can have reduced performance and increased costs.

8 June 2022

One of the key objectives for Beef & Lamb Monitor Farmers, G Sordy & Sons, is to build farm resilience. To do this they are working to reduce costs, without compromising animal performance.

26 May 2022

Ian joined the AHDB Strategic Farm programme in 2017 with the aim of creating a profitable suckler business which also allowed him to spend time with his young family.

7 February 2022

A farming business situated on the North Cornwall-Devon border has been successful in applying to be a new AHDB Monitor Farm.

1 February 2022

As part of our SmartPork programme we champion Lean business methods, because we believe their adoption can help improve productivity and reduce waste.

25 January 2022

Brigg Monitor Farm helped people open up their hearts and their minds.

10 February 2022

Marketing your meat directly to the customer can often be a profitable solution. It eliminates the middleman, and in theory, returns additional profit to the farm business.