Farm Excellence

3 February 2021

Join us for this webinar in which we will be providing an update on Monitor Farm activity across the North East region and looking ahead to the coming months on farm.

3 February 2021

Join us for the latest East Midlands regional webinar where we will be discussing soil health with the region's monitor farmers

20 January 2021

Case studies from dairy farmers who've made improvements on their farms.

10 February 2021

Arthur Owen is joined by consultant Dave Davies of Sileage Solutions for a detailed looked at maximising grass sileage quality

13 January 2021

How Honeypot Farm increased their milk from forage by 300% in their Holstein Friesian herd

24 February 2021

Steven Lawson Strategic Farm update

23 February 2021

Adriam and Lyn Coombe Strategic Farm update

17 February 2021

Neil Brown Strategic Farm update

10 February 2021

Chris and Louise Elkington Strategic Farm update

11 January 2021

Strategic Dairy Farm Launch with Andrew Thomas, Gwyns Barn in Welshpool

11 January 2021

Strategic dairy farm launch of Myerscough College, an all year round calving farm in Lancashire