16 September 2021

Library of potatoes research reports on weeds, herbicides and volunteer control

16 September 2021

Assessment of the crop safety of post emergence herbicides in a range of potato varieties (2012-2013)

15 September 2021

Managing volunteer potatoes in horticultural crops by spot spraying with glysphosate

15 September 2021

Review of weed control options and future opportunities for UK crops

13 September 2021

An analysis of the learning styles preferences of UK farmers, growers and industry stakeholders

8 September 2021

Effect of transit and post-export conditions on disease development in seed potatoes

7 September 2021

Trials on alternatives to diquat for haulm destruction in potatoes

27 October 2021

A series of online sessions for academics who are looking to learn more about the AHDB and what it offers for their curriculum.

1 September 2021

Storage practices to minimise blackleg and soft rots in seed potatoes

14 September 2021

Managing the risk of blackleg and soft rot in potatoes

13 September 2021

Library of research reports on blackleg and soft rots in potatoes

19 August 2021

Strategies to slow the selection of late blight genotypes with decreased sensitivity to fungicides