Skills & Training

5 March 2019

A meeting aimed specifically at small-scale pig producers

8 February 2019

Motivating teams to develop performance

11 February 2019

Motivating teams to develop performance

19 February 2019

Farrowing management workshop

6 February 2019

AI & breeding workshop

5 February 2019

Artificial insemination and breeding workshop

29 January 2019

Labour efficiency workshops as part of the SmartHort campaign aiming to influence, inspire and improve the performance of your horticultural business

7 March 2019

An introduction into the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective supervisor

3 January 2019

Duxford Monitor Farm meeting focuses on farm business accounts

21 December 2018

Farmers at a recent AHDB Hereford Monitor Farm meeting were warned that the costs of replacing a staff member could be as much as double their salary.

21 December 2018

About 80 postgraduates convened in Solihull last month for the third AHDB PhD studentship conference.

27 November 2018

In 2018 we sent more than 600 science kits to UK primary and secondary teachers,