Precision Farming

15 February 2019

Is vertical farming a true economic alternative for UK growers?

14 February 2019

Our latest edition of The Grower focuses on autonomous drones, robotics and labour efficiency.

25 February 2019

Regional Forum (South): Have your say on the quality and relevance of our work.

14 February 2019

Our 2019 protected edibles review contains the latest information on all current and previous projects. Find out the results from our SCEPTREplus programme and many more research projects.

11 February 2019

Are mechanical weeders getting closer to fully replacing herbicides?

29 January 2019

How the space sector is revolutionising agriculture

21 May 2019

The opportunities of earth observation, satellite communications and navigation systems for agriculture and horticulture

9 January 2019

Meet the household brands bringing innovation to agriculture and horticulture

7 January 2019

Crop Research News is a monthly technical e-newsletter issued by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

28 February 2019

Are robotic harvesters close to being commercial reality?

11 December 2018

Read the latest news, research and innovation for UK horticulture

3 December 2018

Pig producers are invited to enter their innovative ideas and examples of on-farm best practice into the EU PiG Grand Prix.