Bulbs & Outdoor Flowers

20 July 2021

See worked examples of costs and payback for a 100 kW, 500 kW and 1 MW heat-pump system.

28 April 2021

Use this database to check the impact of different active ingredients in plant protection products on beneficial insects

16 April 2021

This helpful PCS poster will help you determine optimal fertiliser use for both plants and the environment

16 April 2021

A useful PCS guide and accompanying poster (see the below link) providing an overview of sustainable fertiliser use.

13 April 2021

Summary of the SCEPTREplus narcissus trials

30 March 2021

Targets confirmed for final year of plant protection product trials in SCEPTREplus

23 March 2021

Access to a large pool of seasonal labour remains an issue, post-Brexit, for horticulture. Schemes have been created to try and address this, but the key one is primarily aimed at the edibles industry rather than the ornamentals industry. For many businesses, sourcing labour (both seasonal and skilled) is one of the biggest issues impacting performance currently.

22 March 2021

Seed-raised species suitable for use as ‘fillers’ in mixed bouquets

22 March 2021

Find out more about how to control botrytis in peony

6 July 2021

Latest views and analysis from AHDB technical experts on IPM strategies for horticulture

12 March 2021

In this, the first of two special webinars focusing on Brexit impacts on the ornamentals industry, AHDB’s Sarah Baker summarises some of the new trade agreements which are now in place and what they mean for businesses, Diane Collison of J. A. Collison & Sons gives her own perspective on what it’s been like to import bulbs and plant material since Brexit, and Victoria Clarke and Jason Pollock (Defra) cover importing and exporting plant material (bulbs, cut flowers, young plants, finished plants etc.) between Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU.

17 May 2021

Read the latest updates from researchers looking at new plant protection products for horticulture crops in our SCEPTREplus project