12 October 2020

Being an employer comes with the added responsibility of leading and motivating your workforce

18 September 2020

A cash flow forecast will help you to understand when your business will go into deficit, or breach your overdraft limit, helping you to take action in advance

15 October 2020

The notion of planet-friendly food plays straight to the strengths of arable and plant agriculture.

14 October 2020

Many consumer and industry trends that were evident pre-Covid are accelerating as we judder towards the “Next Normal”.

29 September 2020

Led by Bruce Napier of NIAB, this webinar will showcase the performance of weeding machinery on a leafy salads crop.

14 October 2020

This webinar will report on the latest findings to help you improve your soil health.

18 September 2020

Your current focus may be on keeping your business on track and dealing with the issues it faces, but you shouldn’t lose sight of your personal needs or those of your family

18 September 2020

Resilient businesses can react faster and more efficiently to a sudden disruption – the sort of thing that can happen at any moment

18 September 2020

Good communication is one of the most important skills to have in business and can have a big impact on productivity

17 September 2020

The art of negotiation is simply about having a strategic discussion in order to reach an agreement that both parties find acceptable, yet many farm business owners find it an uncomfortable topic