23 November 2021

Find details about the consultancies taking part in the Farm Business Review service

4 October 2021

Is your business fit for the future? Our self-assessment tool helps you to identify strengths and areas for development.

25 August 2021

Visualise the impact the reduction in BPS payments will have on your farm

31 March 2022

Online tools, expert advice and peer support

7 September 2021

Read our information and resources on skills, training and more

2 December 2021

Which KPIs support an effective business and how can they be used to increase productivity?

16 September 2021

Herefordshire Beef & Lamb Monitor Farm launch event

15 September 2021

Norfolk Beef & Lamb Monitor Farm launch event

5 August 2021

Four new Beef & Lamb farms join AHDB's Monitor and Strategic Farm network (part of the wider Farm Excellence programme).

7 July 2021

Beef & Lamb Strategic Farm event with guest speakers

11 March 2021

Our benchmarking team have been working with potato growers, to help them get to know their cost of production better as well as earning themselves points for the Tesco QVIS scheme

21 January 2021

Business Improvement Groups are a great way for farmers to get together and support each other to help improve the profitability of their businesses, with the use of Farmbench to implement change being a topic of discussion in a recent AHDB podcast.