18 June 2020

How to start direct selling with Strategic Farms Dupath Farm and Chestnut Farm

2 March 2020

Chasing yield is no longer the biggest priority for a mother and son farming partnership in Essex

7 October 2019

Once more the Brexit deadline is looming and predicting the result seems more than a little foolhardy. However, I have been trying to imagine what Scottish agriculture will look like in five years’ time, possibly something just as challenging.

7 October 2019

“Some people just don’t what their cost of production is,” cereal farmer Alan Grant says, “but you have to measure what you are doing so you know where you can make changes.

5 September 2019

Father and son team join monitor farm network in East Midlands

4 September 2019

Julie Clark has joined AHDB as a knowledge exchange manager specialising in benchmarking.

30 July 2019

One Somerset farmer wants to run his business with his head, not his heart.

8 July 2019

Shropshire farmer Rory Lay, like many, wants to improve both his work-life balance and his farm’s productivity.

8 July 2019

New Monitor Farm host Ashley Jones has the bold aim of generating enough extra profit to replace direct payments within the next three years – about £200 per hectare.

11 June 2019

We are on the hunt for a host for our next strategic potato (SPot) farm in Scotland.

24 May 2019

Three years ago, Robert Cross held his first AHDB Monitor Farm meeting just outside Warrington.