21 February 2020

Two new AHDB publications capture essential soil knowledge to you make even better management choices

19 February 2020

Guidance to help you adapt arable cultivations on a rotational basis

10 February 2020

Discover how we calculate RL disease ratings for cereals and oilseed rape

5 February 2020

Nutrient management plans need to account for the loss of nitrate from sodden soils

3 February 2020

Discover our full range of cereal disease management guidance

10 February 2020

An overview of recommended varieties of cereals and oilseeds

2 January 2020

This page covers seedling blight, foot/crown rot, ear (head) blight and fusarium mycotoxins

14 February 2020

Find out how to manage the most important diseases of wheat and barley

2 January 2020

Some soil-borne vectors transmit virus diseases to cereal crops

20 December 2019

This minor disease affects wheat but can also attack barley, rye and some grasses.

2 January 2020

Bunt can lead to unsaleable grain, because of discolouring and smell.