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12 April 2019

Understand how different Brexit scenarios could affect your farm business incomes

11 July 2019

Herbicide, PCN control, desiccation and storage trials discussed at Strategic Potato Farm West

2 April 2019

An overview of the Next Gen visit to Parliament in March.

1 April 2019

After spending 2018 opening the doors to new markets for seed potatoes, in 2019 we will be focusing on strengthening relationships with existing markets.

29 March 2019

Our latest Horizon report looks at how the potato sector could be affected by Brexit, both in the event of a withdrawal agreement and a no deal scenario.

1 April 2019

AHDB works closely with partners across Scotland and one of our most important links in terms of potato research is the James Hutton Institute.

29 March 2019

Sophie Churchill invited all potatoes levy payers to the March board meeting. In this blog, she reflects on the business of the day.

29 March 2019

From next Friday, flight arrivals can be tracked through AHDB Aphid News.

29 March 2019

While the 2018/19 season was reasonably healthy, we are down slightly on third country exports compared to this time last year.

30 April 2019

We have loads of tools and resources on the AHDB website – check out some of our favourites here.