18 November 2020

On-farm carbon footprinting to be launched across our Farm Excellence network

17 November 2020

The bi-annual Seed Potato Industry event will for the first time be held online and delivered via the Hopin digital platform on Tuesday 24th November.

11 November 2020

This webinar is for importers and exporters of seed and other potatoes and will go into more detail on regulations, restrictions and trade barriers.

30 October 2020

Megan gives a brief update on GB planting figures for 2020 with a breakdown in figures by region, sector, and variety.

13 November 2020

In the first season without CIPC, making use of all available tools and methods for controlling sprouting will become paramount.

9 November 2020

Learn how existing research can help you manage blackleg in potato crops in order to minimize losses.

19 November 2020

Learn how to improve your approach to soil health with a new way of looking at soils aimed specifically at the potato industry.

6 October 2020

Resources available to promote your potatoes when selling directly to the customer

3 November 2020

Learn how Brexit will impact the potato industry and how growers and exporters should prepare for this

4 November 2020

Explore the more technical aspects of Brexit and have in depth look at what the impact of ‘no deal’ will mean for third party countries such as the Canary Islands one of the top five countries we export to.

21 October 2020

A changing market landscape in the potatoes industry: What behavioural changes has Coronavirus driven?