26 July 2021

Cutworms, the larvae of various moth species, damage many horticultural crops, as well as potatoes and sugar beet.

27 July 2021

Free-living nematodes can affect crops including carrots, potatoes and sugar beet causing yield reductions and reducing crop quality.

27 July 2021

Find out about the species in the soil pest complex and how to manage them.

30 March 2021

Tim Rycroft has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

12 May 2021

A new report indicates the pyrethroid sensitivity of two important aphid virus vectors.

15 March 2021

This definitive guide makes it easier to detect and control pest populations across the rotation.

11 March 2021

Our benchmarking team have been working with potato growers, to help them get to know their cost of production better as well as earning themselves points for the Tesco QVIS scheme

10 February 2021

A series of online agronomy sessions are being held in January and February aimed at farmers in Scotland.

22 January 2021

Reflecting on the 2020 trials with agronomist, Graham Tomalin, SPot East host, Mike Shapland and SPot Scotland host Jim Reid.

31 March 2022

What the options are and how they work

8 February 2021

Keep an eye on slug populations, especially during a crop’s most critical growth stages

8 February 2021

Combine approaches to reduce populations