5 January 2021

An understanding of the main development stages makes it easier to measure crop performance and can inform husbandry choices.

17 December 2020

Take these steps to protect long-term fungicide efficacy and maintain control of major barley diseases.

16 December 2020

Access the latest grain passport (standard and digital)

9 December 2020

What the options are and how they work

9 December 2020

Keep an eye on slug populations, especially during a crop’s most critical growth stages

9 December 2020

Combine approaches to reduce populations

9 December 2020

Slugs are a primary pest in many field crops, affecting both yield and quality

9 December 2020

Find out about the environmental factors that favour slug activity

9 December 2020

How to identify the main slug species in field crops

8 December 2020

Monitor for adult midges shortly before and during ear emergence

1 December 2020

With possible further shifts in SDHI sensitivity detected in 2020, the industry needs to continue its collective stewardship efforts to protect chemistry.

12 March 2021

UKCPVS investigates new races of cereal pathogens capable of causing disease on previously resistant cereal varieties.